The Reviews are in...

"this title is something unique and special"
Game Tyrant

"a colourful concoction of cute"

"packed full of bright colours and bursting with a positive atmosphere"
Outright Geekery

"a serene and colorful adventure that contrasts with the usual grimness of the video game landscape....there is an undeniable charm to its bubbly personality."
Top Shelf Gaming

"a unique experience. It falls within a genre, but is very much its own thing"
Backlog Boys

"unique twists on typcal 3D platformer experiences"
Zero Lives

"a special one"
Review Fix

"a breath of fresh air. There is no violence in this game. Just fun and challenging platforming"
The Zombie Chimp

"The game truly is about love and happiness"
The Insatiable Gamer

"It is a calm and enchanted world which spreads positive thoughts all around"
Games News Plus

As a result, we're extending the $4.99 lunch sale price for another week! Thanks everyone and stay tuned. We're just getting started...

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