June Update Vid and more news

Hey everyone!

Dev here.  It's been a while since we posted a new video update so here's us at the Mall of America today trying to shoot an update video on the Nickelodeon Log Chute ride:

Things upon which we touch in the vid:

  • Update coming soon (working out the "last" bugs right now). THis will have some level updates and a ton of UI/controls updates
  • Ari's been hammering away at the Cinematic Trailer and that's about 70% done now too! Should be ready with plenty of time to lead into the XB1 and Steam launch - currently scheduled for October
  • The soundtrack is getting finalized now too and should be available in August!
  • More language support on its way
  • I'll be showing Newt One at Pixel Pop in St Louis 7/28-7/29
  • We'll also have it at 2D Con again this year 8/3-8/5 in Minneapolis

Somehow there's always a ton of work to do, but we're still having fun and hope you all are too. There's more to tell, but  isn't this enough for right now?

Stay positive and hit us up for whatever whenever.



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